Uppsala Escort reviews

Natalia 路 7/23/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Zyxos (@the-dude)

She’s very sexy and she knows how to satisfy you. Pics are...

Natalia 路 7/22/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 MrColoswed (@mrcoloswed)

Recently met Natalia and what an experience! She is so nice righ...

Natalia 路 7/21/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Lugnagrabben (@lugnagrabben)

Damn. This lady is amazing! She are so warm and a very good GF e...

Alicia 路 7/16/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Zyxos (@the-dude)

She’s amazing! Her pics are real and she’s eautiful ...

Denisa 路 7/3/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 trevlig snubbe (@trevlig-snubbe)

En extremt mysig och trevlig tjej, väldigt glad och vill g&...

Candydiw 路 6/11/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Fredrik (@fredrikf)

This girl is very kind and friendly. please respect her because ...

Antonia 路 6/6/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Fredrik (@fredrikf)

This girl is very sweet and kind. She is extremely attentive and...

Alicia 路 6/5/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Wanker2703 (@wanker2703)

There isn't a Better way to start the weekend, then to be with Y...

Ania 路 5/31/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Fredrik (@fredrikf)

Den här tjejen är en pärla. Var snälla mot h...

Carolina 路 5/29/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Fredrik (@fredrikf)

I have met this girl about 5 times, and it just gets better and ...

Sophia 路 5/27/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Desecration (@desecration)

Såg henne idag. Top notch Tjej! Vill gärna komma till...

Alicia 路 5/13/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Fredrik (@fredrikf)

This girl is very nice. She is very kind and makes you feel like...

Alicia 路 5/11/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 BJB (@bjb)

I said to Alicia that I could give her 6 stars on this review if...

Alicia 路 5/11/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 singleforfun65 (@singleforfun65)

What a nice, kind and beautiful woman and so sexy. It was a very...

Alicia 路 5/10/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Wanker2703 (@wanker2703)

Another day with this beauty, can get enough of you !!! The p...

Alicia 路 5/9/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Persia81 (@food81)

Amazing experience I think I’m in love. Really beautiful ...

Andreea 路 5/7/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 dogan (@dogan12)

she was the worst bicth i have ever sleept with , beware guys

Alicia 路 5/7/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Wanker2703 (@wanker2703)

By far the best girl not only in town but I guess in all of Swed...

TS Aisha Moon 路 5/3/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Uppsala36 (@uppsala36)

Lovely sweet lady with alot of extras. Soft skin and Eyes lookin...

Kasia 路 4/28/2021 路聽Uppsala
路 Chrille (@xxxmet912)

Very Good girl that gives you a very nice sex.

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